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Correspondence with Elections Canada (Electoral Financing)

I can't get no satisfaction.

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1) S. Jetchick (2017-May-31)

1) S. Jetchick (2017-May-31)

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: "Disposal of Campaign Surplus", May 29, 2017, #2017-031832/24044
Date: Wed, 31 May 2017 13:59:39 -0400
From: Parti de l'Héritage chrétien (Québec)
To: political.financing elections.ca
CC: Casgrain, Louis; NationalOffice chp.ca

Quebec City, May 31, 2017.

Ms. Madeleine Touchette, CPA, CA
Assistant Director, Political Financing and Audit
Office of the Chief Electoral Officer
30, Victoria Str.
Gatineau, QC
K1A 0M6
political.financing elections.ca

Subject: "Disposal of Campaign Surplus", May 29, 2017, #2017-031832/24044

Good day,

Just got your letter claiming I have "failed to properly
dispose of surplus of electoral funds". The attached form
(EC 20141) correctly notes that all amounts are zero
(since it was a "blank" campaign, no donations and no
expenses), except for the 1000$ nomination deposit.

The aforementioned nomination deposit was paid by me, to you,
with a personal cheque in my name, with the appropriate
checkbox (who paid your nomination deposit? "Candidate")
checked on the form when I submitted my application. That
was my money out of my pocket, and you quicky cashed the
cheque with no questions asked. (You didn't say "No! No!
We cannot touch that money! It first needs to be deposited
in your Campaign Bank Account!")

Nul return.

As usual, after the campaign, I filled out all the
financial paperwork (including the checkbox for "null
report", i.e. no money came in, and no money went out).
My Financial Agent eventually got my 1000$ nomination deposit
back, and gave it to its rightful owner, namely me.

If I understand correctly, now you want me to give you
my money because I've committed some kind of "Offense"
because you gave me back my money and I took it back?

Or am I just totally misunderstanding the letter you sent?


Stefan Jetchick

1450, avenue des Grands-Pins
Québec, QC
G1S 4J6

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