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Correspondence with Canadian Citizens For Charter Rights And Freedoms

Canadian Citizens For Charter Rights And Freedoms.
Canadian Citizens For Charter Rights And Freedoms.

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1) S. Jetchick (2017-August-04)

1) S. Jetchick (2017-August-04)

[No e-mail on web site, but sent hyperlink to this
web page, along with my full coordinates, at 17h36
on 2017-August-04.]

Good day,

A friend sent me Stop Sharia in Canada! Now! by Mr. Rod Taylor,
the National Leader of the CHP. In that article, he first
recommends to: "Educate yourself. Visit the C3RF website",
which I dutifully did.

I read your Mission Statement. I agree with many aspects of it:

	- Iqra Khalid's Motion M-103 [...] stands to adversely impact the
	ability of Canadians to express themselves freely.

	- Motion M-103 [...] levels the charge that everyday Canadians and
	their institutions are riddled with "systemic racism and religious

	- The use of the term "Islamophobia" [... is] alarming in that it is
	part of a well-funded Muslim Brotherhood public relations campaign
	to [...] replace Canadian Law with sharia law, strike fear into
	[all Canadians], and put a chill on legitimate criticism of [...]


Unfortunately, there are many things I find strange, even untrue,
in your Mission Statement. First, you use weasel-words instead of
speaking of Islam. Canadians have a right to criticize Islam. Period.
Not just "political Islam" (whatever that is, since Islam
specifically does not distinguish between Church and State),
nor just "Islamic extremists" (they are not extremists; they
read the Koran, understand the meaning of what is plainly said in
that book, and observe that this corresponds to the behavior of
the founder of Islam, as described by the hadiths).

Second, "the LGBT community" is another weasel-word. Moreover,
you speak as if they were all in favor of freedom of speech,
which is untrue for many people with same-sex attractions. Just
try handing out flyers containing medical truths about sodomy
at the Toronto "Justin Trudeau" Shame parade, as I did last year.

Thirdly, I could be wrong, but I did not find anywhere on your
web site any names or pictures or addresses of anybody. For
all I know, you could be a front for the Muslim Brotherhood,
and any donations sent to you could end up financing the
Islamic State!

I show my face and name and address.

And I have tried to make Iqra Khalid cough up a clear
definition of "islamophobia". And these past two weeks I have
handed out over 400 "Love Tubes", which contain (among other
things) a rational and fact-based criticism of Islam.

Anyway, I still agree with many parts of your Mission Statement, but
I find it sad that it's riddled with serious defects.


Stefan Jetchick
[usual contact info]

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